Sacramento author Ricardo Cabral is a creative artist specializing in literature steeped in fantasy: from his first work
The Pitch--a novel--to the holiday fantasy A-S2: A Clockmaker's Journey, which came out in Fall 2020.

A-S2 A Clockmaker's Journey

On Christmas Eve 1700, British clockmaker Clarence suffers the indignity of an accidental drowning in the River Avon. In the Spirit World, given the option of guardian-angel-in-training (GAIT) or a cushy cloud overlooking the English Channel, he selects the former. But after two underwhelming missions, he leaves GAIT and ventures with his partner Sharah to the coast of Marseille. Shar introduces him to the Vulkhans, a renegade band of angels led by the charismatic leader, Phosphorus (aka “The Shining One”). Phosphorus encourages Clarence to pursue his passion and provides the facility and resources to create the world’s finest clocks. In time, the master horologist learns his new clocks—marketed under the Vulkhan’s brand LUCIFER LUX—are integral to their nefarious plans.  Clarence escapes and returns to the Spirit World. His first assignment back at GAIT is to assist Bedford Falls’ suicidal resident George Bailey on Christmas Eve 1945. Movie fans will recognize the angel as Clarence Odbody: Angel-Second Class from the beloved holiday classic IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE You can read the News Release or a Sample Chapter.

Author R.A. Cabral delivers a fun, funky backstory for Clarence Odbody in A-S2: A CLOCKMAKER’S JOURNEY, a sweetly imaginative and appealing book that should amuse (most) fans of the Frank Capra classic holiday film, "It’s A Wonderful Life." -- IndieReader
Christmas Wish Holder

In this holiday novella PR pro Grace McBride and her former high school sweetheart Donte Soltero reunite on a solution to save the Soltero family’s wooden toy creations from a high-tech company’s threat of a lawsuit. In the process the couple discovers the miracle of faith and the power of magick on a rare snowy Christmas Eve in Sacramento. This book has the heart of the holiday classic, MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET.


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Pitch Cover_D2D.jpg
The Pitch:
The Adventures of Luther Woundup and His Magical Orange Ball

From the moment Luther Woundup launches the orange baseball over the wall at Riders Field, Sacramento fans are introduced to the most intriguing mascot the game has ever seen. Luther bursts onto the field and into their hearts with the most ingenious, magical displays. But like a modern day Trojan Horse, the display serves as a ruse to collect human brain waves with an innocent-looking device invented by Luther's father, the reigning scientist on Spalding. The mission: convert the contents into cortesium, which is needed to save his people. At least, that's what Luther is told. Eventually, he learns the true purpose of his mission, pitting father against son in, "The Pitch," by Sacramento author, R. A. Cabral.