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When Dora and Lumia exited the eatery, the Plejaren gestured east toward campus. The women began walking up University Avenue.

“I believe your campus has a wonderful place of solace. The grove, is it?”


“Yes. Eucalyptus Grove.” Dora paused as a crinkle formed around the corners of her mouth. “Don’t know if you got the pun. Our school name colloquially is known – ”


“– yes, I understood. Go Bears.” Lumia’s smile rekindled images of Mona Lisa.

After Dora closed her jaw she offered, “You know, in that outfit, sporting our Cal colors, you’d fit in perfectly on campus. New retro-hippie chic.” Lumia seemed to ignore this word play and together the pair casually strolled toward campus. When they entered the Grove, the late morning sun trickled through the redwood tree branches. Dora pointed to an enormous log converted into a bench with one quarter of the wood excised, providing a firm seat-back for visitors.

“Fine place. So secluded, yet right in the middle of a campus.”

“Actually, I’ve never been here,” Dora said. “Oh, I’ve walked by on the path. But never stopped to read or sit and enjoy the quiet.” She glanced around “It’s nice here. Peaceful.”


Lumia faced Dora directly, her shimmering blue eyes drawing the grad student closer. “What I am about to tell you, Theadora, quite likely will be a shock to your human system.”

Dora stared intently at Lumia, who had paused before continuing.

“Most humans are unaware of the major battle between forces of Light and Darkness. The effort to free Terrans from years of enslavement through ascension. A new path to higher consciousness.”

She paused once more. “You’re wondering who are these ‘dark forces’? The Orion Group – yes, I know; ironic, isn’t it? – The Orion Group  is comprised chiefly of the reptilians, sometimes called the Draco. And the EBENs of Nebu, commonly referred to as ‘the tall grays.’

“And through their earthly representatives, Orion Group has enslaved mankind for centuries through the educational, monetary, and political systems, plus other key industries.”

Dora sat quietly, staring off at a beam of light radiating off a dew drop teetering at the end of an evergreen branch. “Reptilians and grays,” she repeated. “Sounds strangely awful.”

“The latter group,” Lumia said “were the ones who in 1955  negotiated with President Eisenhower’s people for the right to abduct humans for experimentation in exchange for limited technology.”

“This is all new to me,” Dora said, shaking her head. “Assume the EBENs are the more dominant of the Orion Group?

“Perhaps. If, however, you find yourself confronting one of those shape-shifting reptilians, be sure to avoid eye-contact. First off, at seven-to-eight feet tall they are physically imposing. But once they burrow inside a human brain, it is nearly impossible to escape the power of their mind.”

Dora looked up from her folded hands with the fragility of a child. Lumia’s beneficent smile sought to calm her fear. “Now, for the reason I brought you here… The Plejarens have selected several emissaries here on Earth to aid in this struggle between Light and Dark. And we’ve chosen you, primarily, to serve as our West Coast emissary.”

Dora’s jaw slackened once more at the pronouncement. “Come again. Me? Why would you need me as a spokesperson? I mean you, you’re perfect – you could sell snow to the Eskimos, for god’s sake.”


Lumia leveled a patronizing smile with a head shake. “Terrans are not nearly ready yet. That’s why we need someone like you. One of them.” Lumia’s knowing nod generated a reciprocal nod from the human. “And as you remember from Star Trek, there is the prime directive.” More nodding by the human.


Suddenly, Dora shifted in her seat. “Honestly. I’m positively boring! Ask Teddy. He’ll tell you…” Lumia rose and calmed a redwood branch, bowing in the breeze. “Fact, Ted had a devil of a time even luring me on his K-P-F-A radio show. And you want me as your emissary? Why, it’s completely antithetical to who I am!”


Lumia’s smile suggested she enjoyed the banter. “I understand your reticence, Theadora. By nature, you are an introverted academic, who has poured all of her energy into science.” Her subtle head bow was followed by, “Yet, as I said, you are the one.”


Lumia began walking toward the path; a subtle suggestion the discussion was over.


“Say, where you going? I haven’t agreed to this, Lumia. I’ve got papers to grade. And a thesis to finish,” she said, fudging the truth. “Also, a TED Talk to prepare.” She raised the volume of her voice as Lumia drew distant. “I’m on path to graduate this spring!”


Lumia continued on, ignoring Dora’s pleadings. Her blithe reply came calmly over her shoulder like a hand grenade: unexpected and deadly. “You are on a New Path, now, Thea. We shall be in touch very soon.”


Stunned, Dora watched Lumia literally disappear among the trees.

(End Sample Chapter 9)

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